Aggrenox (Aspirin)

What is Aggrenox?

Aggrenox, also known as Aspirin, consists of dipyridamole and aspirin producing a drastic impact on the organism. The treatment belongs to the group of medications called saliculates. Aggrenox affects vital body functions, eliminating inflammation, fever and pain caused by increased amounts of definite substances in the body. Aggrenox is commonly recommended for patients who have already had mini-stroke or blood clots to decrease the risk of stroke.


Recommendations for Use

Primarily to Aggrenox intake one should visit the doctor and get his/her recommendations. Having a serious influence on vital body functions, the drug also has numerous contraindications and drug interactions, the violation of which can lead to devastating health complications. Thus, follow the prescription of your medical specialist without any changes. Never prolong the duration of the treatment course; avoid doubling or increasing Aggrenox dose. Administer the medication as recommended to witness desirable results and experience no side effects. The remedy can be used with or without food. Never chew, break or open the capsule, swallow it whole. Aggrenox may activate headache, though it is a normal reaction of the organism to this treatment. Inform your healthcare provider in case the condition becomes persistent and bothering. Besides, the medication intake may cause unusual bleeding. Never stop Aggrenox treatment course on your own, even if the symptoms improved, since it may result in serious withdrawal effects. Avoid alcohol intake during Aggrenox administration, as it increases the risk of bleeding.

Precautions and Contraindications

Striving to begin Aggrenox treatment course, one should mind multiple drug contraindications. The medication should not be used by people allergic to its ingredients or similar drugs. Besides, people suffering from nose polyps and asthma are prohibited to administer Aggrenox. The treatment should never be given to children with cold or flu symptoms, as well as the ones with the signs of chicken pox. Violation of these rules can activate Reye’s syndrome with all its devastating consequences, including death.

Additionally, to make sure the medication will not be harmful in your case, warn your doctor about the following health problems you have (if any):

• Liver or kidney disease;

• Coronary artery disease;

• Stomach ulcers;

• Heart disorders;

• Myasthenia gravis;

• Uncontrolled blood pressure and others.

The medicine should not be taken by pregnant and breastfeeding women to avoid undesirable impacts on the children’s health.

Drug Interactions

Severe side effects and health complications may occur as a result of Aggrenox interaction with other prescription and OTC drugs, such as oral diabetes medications, blood pressure treatments and heart remedies, methotrexate, acetazolamide, blood thinners, NSAID, seizure drugs and other pharmaceuticals. Tell your doctor about all the other treatments you are using, even if they are not included in the list.

Side Effects

Producing a powerful impact on the body, Aggrenox may cause serious complications if misused. Seek emergency medical assistance the moment you have noticed any signs of treatment overuse or misuse. The symptoms may include:

• Allergic reactions;

• Chest pain;

• Liver problems, such as vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, decreased appetite, fatigue and others;

• Lightheadedness;

• Hearing difficulties;

• Confusion, severe headache, memory disorders, fainting, etc.