Toprol-XL (Metoprolol)

What is Toprol-XL?

Toprol-XL acts on the beta1-adrenoceptors of the heart and provides a wide therapeutic effect on the cardiac muscle. It contains an active ingredient Metoprolol.


Recommendations for Use

Toprol-XL has antianginal, antihypertensive, and antiarrhythmic action. The mechanism of the action is conditioned by blocking of beta1-adrenoceptors, so that the cardiac effects are observed:

- The heart force is reduced

- The frequency of the heart beats is reduced

- Pain in heart disappears

- A need of myocardium in oxygen is reduced

- A cardiac output is lowered

It is interesting but Toprol-XL is quickly absorbed in the gastro-intestinal tract, and most part of the active ingredients is excreted within 5 hours. But a therapeutic effect is kept within 12 hours after the use of a onetime dose of Toprol-XL.

Toprol-XL begins working after the first application. But an intensive hypotension effect is observed only at the end of the first week of the treatment. The maximal maintaining effect of Toprol-XL is achieved only in 15 days after the started treatment. Therefore this medicine is used only as a basic therapy of the cardiovascular diseases. Its efficiency is insignificant during the reduction of the hypertonic crisis.

Due to the its unique peculiarity, Toprol-XL controls the work of the cardiovascular system for a long time, and patients do not have to use high doses. Toprol-XL is mainly used for the treatment of:

- hypertension

- angina

- various forms of arrhythmias: supraventricular tachycardia, atrial fibrillation

Moreover, Toprol-XL may be used during the prevention of the chronic diseases of heart in the complex therapy, and to reduce a risk of another myocardial infarction.

In what dose is Toprol-XL used?

The pills of Toprol-XL are used every day, 1-2 times per day. The drug should be used during meals, or right after meals with enough water. The pills may be divided, but not chewed, or mixed with food.

- To treat arterial hypertension, Toprol-XL is used in the dose of 50 mg per day (a pill). If the effect is low within 3-4 weeks, and the blood pressure exceeds the normal rates, the dose of Toprol-XL is increased up to 100 mg per day (a pill 2 times per day – in the morning and evening)

- To treat stenocardia, a daily dose of Toprol-XL is also 50-100 mg

- To treat tachycardia and/or arrhythmia, Toprol-XL 50 mg is used 2-3 times per day. If the disease symptoms grow, a daily dose may be temporarily increased up to 300 mg (6 pills per day)

If you are taking any medicines lowering the blood pressure or having identical action, a daily dose of Toprol-XL should be reduced. patients with renal failure do not adjust the dose.


- Patients with hepatic failure are recommended to replace beta1-adrenoblocker that is not metabolized in the liver

- The use of Toprol-XL is contraindicated during congestive heart failure, sick sinus syndrome, cardiogenic shock, bradycardia (heart rate less than 60 beats per minute). If the blood pressure is lower than 100 mm of Mercury, the use of Toprol-XL is prohibited

Side Effects

The side effects may develop at the beginning of the therapy. They are usually light and do not influence on the physiological or psychological state of a patient. The side effects of Toprol-XL may appear in the form of dizziness, muscle cramps, decreased blood circulation in the limbs, severe drop in blood pressure, fatigue, dry mouth.

You should personally control the side effects, and if they grow, consult a physician.