Desyrel (Trazodone)

What is Desyrel?

Desyrel is approved to be a dependable medication powerful to improve the symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders. The active component of the treatment, Trazodone Hydrochloride, affects brain chemicals, boosting the amounts of serotonin, thus, providing a better mood, decreased tension, sleepiness, depression, pain and anxiety. Additionally, the medication can be administered to improve other disorders, not mentioned in the safety guide. Consult your healthcare provider before off-label Desyrel use.


Recommendations for Use

Talk to your physician primarily to depression or anxiety treatment course with Desyrel. Make sure the doctor knows about all the other health problems you have and pharmaceuticals you take. The information is inevitable for proper dose adjustment.

Follow the prescribed dose without any changes. Never increase or decrease Desyrel dose, even if the medication seems ineffective. Report any problems to your medical specialist and let him/her make the right adjustments. Desyrel should be administered right after a snack or a meal. You can use the drug with and without food. Follow your own administration schedule. Desyrel course can last from1 to 4 weeks, thus, continue using the treatment for the full length of the therapy even if the symptoms seem to improve.

Once you have missed Desyrel dose, take it the first possible moment. Though, skip it in case the following dose should be administered soon. Avoid taking two doses at once, since it can trigger extra symptoms and undesirable reactions. Ask your doctor for detailed information if you still have some questions.

Precautions and Contraindications

Since Desyrel produces a serious impact on the brain chemicals, it is important to follow all the safety recommendations and precautions to improve the condition without harm to other body functions. The medication is contraindicated for patients allergic to its active ingredients or similar treatments. Additionally, do not launch the medication course in case you have recently had a heart attack, stroke or congestive heart failure. People, who have used MAO inhibitors, should start Desyrel intake not earlier than 14 days after it.

Some other medical conditions can interact with Desyrel causing dangerous side effects. Provide your healthcare specialist with detailed information about other diseases you have, especially allergies to foods, drugs and other items, severe kidney or liver condition, pregnancy and lactation, bipolar disorder or its history, psychical or mental disorders, low sodium level, uneven heart rate, suicidal thoughts or behavior, blood cell disorders, myeloma, heart problems and others.

Drug Interactions

Desyrel can also interact with certain prescription and generic pharmaceuticals, vitamins, herbal products and supplements. Avoid combining the antidepressant with numerous other medications, such as other depression remedies, anticoagulants, antipsychotics, MAO inhibitors, NSAIDS, SSRIs, SNRIs, antibiotics, anti-malaria treatments, heart medications, cancer drugs, antifungals, water pills, HIV/AIDS treatments and others. Tell your doctor about any of these and other medicines you are currently taking to avoid complications.

Side Effects

Desyrel misuse and overuse can trigger unpleasant and harmful side effects. Seek emergency medical assistance in case severe allergic reactions started bothering you after the drug intake. Call your doctor if other serious complications occurred, including drowsiness, dizziness, angina, irregular heartbeat, coordination disorders, erectile dysfunction, heart problems, kidney or liver dysfunction, etc.