Cyklokapron (Tranexamic Acid)

What is Cyklokapron?

Cyklokapron is a medication that serves an alternative form of lysine (natural amino acid). Also known as Tranexamic acid, the drug prevents breaking the blood clots in the body. Due to the powerful impact on the organism, Cyklokapron is frequently used to warn bleeding, especially in patients, who are diagnosed with hemophilia. The remedy is commonly used before dental procedure of the tooth pulling. Besides, you should use Cyklokapron around a week afterwards. Contact your doctor for detailed information about other Cyklokapron uses.


Recommendations for Use

Never start the drug intake without doctor’s prescription. Cyklokapron should be taken right as directed by your healthcare specialist and in accordance with all the safety instructions. Never increase or decrease the advised dose, otherwise, you may experience undesirable reactions and devastating side effects. Cyklokapron is commonly injected into the vein right before the procedure of tooth pulling. The medication may be administered for over 7 days afterwards as well. The drug is administered using VI, so the doctor may show you how to do it at home. However, the physician should perform the injection in case you do not completely understand how to apply it.

Frequent vision tests will be required during Cyklokapron intake to ensure the remedy is effective and the therapy develops no complications. The medication dose will depend on several factors, with the type of the condition, its severity and overall health state. The most common dose of Tranexamic acid for bleeding is 1.3 mg administered orally three times a day.

Precautions and Contraindications

Contact your healthcare provider primarily to the medication intake to ensure the drug will not develop any abnormalities. Do not start Cyklokapron intake in case you are sensitive to its active ingredients or diagnosed with severe health disorders, such as bleeding in the brain, color blindness, stroke, blood clots and others. Despite the innovative formula of the medication is effective and promotes powerful effects, it can cause a harmful impact on unborn or nursing children, so pregnant and breastfeeding women are contraindicated for its use. Moreover, ask your doctor if Cyklokapron therapy will be safe for you and if you are diagnosed with such health complications, as leukemia, kidney dysfunctions, kidney or bladder infections.

Drug Interactions

Due to the fact that Cyklokapron may interact with certain drugs, it should not be combined with any medications without doctor’s permission. You should warn your physician about all the herbal products, minerals, vitamins and pharmaceutical supplements you are using to avoid complications and abnormalities occurrence. Pay ultimate concern to other types of bleeding drugs or medications to prevent blood clots. Factor IX treatments should never be taken simultaneously with Cyklokapron.

Side Effects

Vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, extreme happiness, mild rash and itching are the most common Cyklokapron side effects that serve a usual reaction of the body to the new treatment. These symptoms should disappear after the first few drug intakes. However, the medication misuse or overdose can activate more serious complications, such as bloody or painful urination, convulsions, wheezing, angina, breathing disorders, confusion, speech or vision impairments, severe numbness or weakness and others. Seek immediate medical help if Cyklokapron intake resulted in severe allergic reactions.