What is Caverta?

The ongoing erectile dysfunction is rather troublesome and loathsome. This condition can cause a lot of stress and serious relationship issues. This disorder is characterized by premature ejaculation and decreased sex drive. Many people want to get rid of it but the use of reliable medications can become another challenge because of their unavailability or side effects.

Let us introduce Caverta, a prescription medicine that helps increase blood flow to the penis. It is a part of the drug group known as PDE-5 inhibitors. The amount of time for its start to work varies from patient to patient but on average, it takes between 30 and 60 minutes. It helps only when natural sexual stimulation is applied. The result is maintained and stable erection lasting for about 4-6 hours if needed and no addiction tendencies have ever been reported.


Recommendations for Use

Caverta can be taken with a meal or just with a glass of water. However, you should strictly follow the doctor’s advice on the dosage. The misuse of the drug can lead to some health problems, so you should not take more than prescribed. For better effect, natural sexual stimulation is needed but not overdosing. And, of course, do not take it if you do not suffer from erectile dysfunction.

The dose is to be taken once a day, so do not take it twice or three times if you mean some more sexual intercourses. You should not drive if you feel dizziness. Drinking alcohol along with Caverta should also be avoided because it increases the possibility of side effects. The consumption of grapefruit juice may result in the delay of the medication work, or the desired effect may not be achieved at all.

If you feel dizzy or numb, stop using the medicine and call your doctor for further advice.

Precautions and Contraindications

Caverta is not meant for use by women, and men should also be careful and never use any other medicine for erectile dysfunction treatment together with this drug. Never start using Caverta without talking to your doctor first. Do not take it more than once a day.

Caverta is safe to use in patients with kidney problems. However, the dose may be lowered. Patients with severe liver disorders may need additional dose adjustment. It is not safe to take this medication together with nitrates that are usually used for angina or chest pain. Never take it if you have recently had a heart attack or stroke, or if you suffer from low blood pressure. In any case, you need to be cautious about such health problems as:

● Severe heart and liver problems;

● Allergy to Sildenafil;

● Cardiac insufficiency;

● Diabetes;

● High blood pressure levels;

● High cholesterol levels;

● Chronic lifestyle factors (e.g. obesity, smoking, drinking alcohol);

● Abnormal blood pressure;

● Bleeding issues;

● Stomach ulcer;

● Kidney or liver disorders;

● Physical deformity of the penis.

In such cases the dosage should be set by your doctor or the medication should be completely contraindicated. Women, children, and young men under 18 cannot use this drug.

Drug Interactions

Caverta can interact with some medicines used for benign prostatic hypertrophy treatment. It can also interact with nitrates and nitrate containing drugs, such as nitroglycerin or isosorbide. Riociguat application can also become an obstacle for using this medicine. You should provide your doctor with all the information about the drugs you are taking at this time to exclude harmful interaction.

Side Effects

The risk of side effects is extremely high in elderly patients, heavy smokers, and patients suffering from heart diseases and diabetes. They may require the correction of doses or cancelling the drug administration. For other people, most side effects do not need any special help and they disappear as soon as your body adjusts to the medicine. However, you need to talk to your doctor if you are worried about them or they persist with time. If you are concerned, be careful using the medication if you have the following symptoms:

● Flushing (sense of warmth in the face, ears, neck, or other parts of the body);

● Headache;

● Dizziness;

● Blurred vision;

● Muscle pain;

● Upset stomach;

● Rash.

Of course, you will have to address your problem to the doctor if you encounter:

• Heart disorders;

• Priapism;

• Chest pains;

• Severe liver problems.

More common side effects caused by Caverta are minor and they go away without any special treatment when your body gets used to the medication.

Before You Start Caverta Treatment

You need to talk to your doctor first before taking Caverta. Never start taking it on your own. You will have to tell your healthcare provider about all your current and former diseases and all the medications you are using at present. Do not start using the medicine if you are not sure about its safety for your overall health.


When you suspect overdosing of Caverta and/or feel the signs of side effects, it can be overdosing. Try to stay calm and get emergency medical assistance.