Vriligy (Dapoxetine)

What is Vriligy?

Vriligy is an innovative product for prolongation of coitus. The product composition includes active substance called Dapoxetine. This substance is approved by FDA for treatment of early ejaculation and has no competitive analogues for today.

Vriligy medicine does not influence sensitivity of nerve endings in penis. Therefore, taking of Vriligy does not worsen quality of intimate life and does not affect man's satisfaction level at sex.


Recommendations for Use

The mechanism of Vriligy's pharmacological action consists in reduction of nervous tension which is faced by many men suffering from early ejaculation.

Dapoxetine substance acts like light antidepressants. Vriligy reduces nervous strain, fear to fail, anxiety, lack of confidence. Taking of Vriligy promotes self-confidence of a man and anxiety does not affect functioning of nervous system.

It is well known that ejaculation happens at reception of signal from nervous endings by brain. When the strain is reduced, nerve impulses of the central nervous system move normally. Vriligy not only normalizes movement of nerve impulses, but also slows them down a little bit. Thus, sexual intercourse lasts longer.

According to results of clinical researches, Vriligy can prolong duration of coitus at early ejaculation in 3-5 times.

Taking into account absence of any influence of Vriligy on sensitivity during sex, these are the best results among all medicines \products \methods for treatment of early ejaculation.

What is the right dosage for taking Vriligy?

Every Vriligy pill contains 60 mg of active substance called Dapoxetine. This is the optimal single dose at which action of the medicine lasts from 7 to 10 hours.

If you are planning sexual intercourse you should take one 60 mg pill of Vriligy 1 hour before sex. Take the pill on an empty stomach and drink about half of glass of water. Within an hour after taking 60 mg of Vriligy Dapoxetine will completely be dissolved in gastrointestinal tract, will get into blood, and start acting.

If you take 60 mg of Vriligy after eating fat food or after substantial meal, then the medicine will start to act in 1,5 hour - the meal slows down absorption of Dapoxetine.

You can take 60 mg of Vriligy daily, but do not take more than 1 pill. The period between taking of pills should make at least 18 hours.

Safety measures

• Exceeding of daily dose can cause increased excitation of the central nervous system and effects typical for this state. Therefore, do not exceed the maximum daily dose of Vriligy - 60mg.

• If a man suffers from obvious pathologies of cardiovascular systems, kidneys \livers, organic diseases of brain and central nervous system taking of Vriligy is not recommended.

• Taking of Vriligy is prohibited at acute conditions of mental diseases, epilepsies, or stomach ulcers.

• Vriligy shall not be taken by men under 18 years.

• If you plan to take Vriligy for prolongation of coitus do not drink alcohol and do not take any other medicines increasing serotonin concentration.

• Any drugs promoting functions of the central nervous system can enhance action of Vriligy, which may lead to side effects.

Common side effects

It is impossible to foresee individual reaction to taking of Vriligy, therefore, please be very cautious if you take Vriligy pills. Basically, taking of this medicine does not cause any obvious side effects and, as a rule, treatment proceeds successfully.

In very rare cases Vriligy can cause side effects like headache, dizziness, sickness, tremor, tachycardia, sleeplessness, indigestion. If any side effect occurs you should stop taking Vriligy for a while or reduce your daily dose.