What is Pepfiz?

Pepfiz is a revolutionary medication, which affects stomach functioning and work of other vital body organs. The drug belongs to a group of antiflatulent treatments, which contain the combination of digestive enzyme responsible for a positive impact. Due to the potential impact on the body, the medication boosts the motion of the gastro-intestinal tract, which, in its turn, decreases aerogenesis in the intestine and balancing digestion. Due to such a variety of positive actions promoted on the organism, Pepfiz is commonly prescribed for different conditions, such as kidney dysfunctions, chronic pancreatitis, bloating, non-ulcerative dyspepsia, abnormal aerogenesis in the post-surgery period, alcohol or drug abuse and others. In addition, the medication can be taken for a list of other health concerns. It is important to discuss off-label Pepfiz use with a medical specialist.


Recommendations for Use

Pepfiz is an innovative medication, which has already gained the popularity of a powerful and effective drug. At the same time, achievement of positive results depends mainly on the patient and his/her following the prescription. Striving to gain maximal positive effect available, a patient should take Pepfiz in accordance with all the directions mentioned by the doctor. Besides, it in inevitable to learn the safety leaflet and avoid complications mentioned there.

Increasing or decreasing the dose a patient risks experiencing unwanted reactions and severe side effects. Thus, administer the treatment strictly following the instructions. Despite Pepfiz dose will depend on the peculiarities of the patient’s health, an average dose is 1 pill used 2-3 times a day. Administering the medication at approximately the same time each day you increase your chances getting a desirable effect. Pepfiz should be taken after the meal. If a patient takes Pepfiz before X-ray examination, he/she will need to use 1-2 pills 2 times a day. Start the course approximately 1-2 days before the procedure.

Precautions and Contraindications

Just like with any other medication, safety is the key. That is why it is important to discuss safety issues with a healthcare provider primarily to Pepfiz intake. Despite the remedy is generally safe and is not likely to promote dangerous side effects, it has a range of contraindications. People, who are sensitive to the components of the medication, should eliminate its use. Additionally, the drug is not advised for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as these categories of people have an increased risk of devastating impact on the health of unborn and nursing children. The drug is contraindicated for children. Warn your doctor about other health problems you have in order to eliminate further complications.

Drug Interactions

Since Pepfiz is a comparatively new and safe medication, there is no data on its combinations with other medications, as well as possible consequences. Nevertheless, you need to warn a medical specialist about all the other prescription and generic remedies, vitamins, supplements and minerals you are currently using.

Side Effects

Taking Pepfiz as prescribed by the doctor you avoid any risks of side effects and complications. Seek emergency medical assistance in case you have noticed the signs of allergic reactions, especially breathing disorders, hives, itching and others. Report other abnormalities to your medical specialist to prevent more serious consequences.