Caplet dosage form, what is it exactly

Dosage form of a drug is the mean by which this drug enters the body, reaches the site of action (the target site), and exerts its action. Dosage forms of the drug are meant to be particular and in the most appropriate form for each route of administration. It ought to be characterized by various aspects according to the need such as masking unpleasant odor or unpalatable or bad taste. Thought of commonly to be half capsule and the other half is tablet, the caplet is not like that at all. The caplet is an oval shaped tablet. It is a tablet like any other tablet, but differs only in being a smoothly-coated tablet shaped like an ordinary capsule.

Caplet, the oblong-shaped tablet, is tampered to be used as an alternative to the capsule, and an easy to swallow dosage form. So that it’s alternative to a regular tablet. It could be considered as a dual form of the two most convenient and commonly used dosage forms taken per os (via oral route), tablets and capsules. This is achieved by bringing the best of each altogether at the same time.

Caplets Caplet dosage form, what is it exactly !!

Tablets and capsules are the most popular and frequently dispensed medication dosage form. They are convenient for self-administration and easily handled by the patient.

Examples of caplet products

1- Calci-D film coated caplets, indicated mainly for patients with calcium deficiency. It’s presented as blisters of 10 caplets each, and packaged in a box of 100 blisters.

Paracetamol Caplets Caplet dosage form, what is it exactly !!

2- Caplets of Paracetamol (Acetaminophen), a well known NSAID and known commonly in the U.S. as Tylenol, used mainly as anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic, and pain reliever for mild to moderate pains accompanied with cold and flu. They are presented as two blisters, 8 caplets per each blister.

Imodium antidiarrheal Caplet dosage form, what is it exactly !!


3- Imodium caplets: they are used to help restore balance to your digestive system. The Imodium caplet aids a lot in controlling the symptoms of diarrhea, including Traveler’s Diarrhea.