Human body facts: Amazing facts about the human body part 2

This post is the sequel of human body facts: part 1. The human body is full of dazzling facts. That’s so true due to the fascinating way it works. It’s like an enormous compound of huge compartments and sets of factories. Every tiny part of that compound keeps doing its job with out rest. The very tiny human body facts can simply amaze you. Coming up, other impressive facts about the most embellished and neat factory ever known !

Human Body Facts Human body facts: Amazing facts about the human body part 2

Human body facts: Hydration

  1. Without water, the human body is not capable of digesting and absorbing food
  2. Normal people can live with out drinking water for about 3 days
  3. Some people can survive with no water up to 8 days
  4. Drinking water after eating decreases acid in mouth by 60%

Human body facts: Muscles

  1. The muscles used to blink, are used for squinting and winking as well
  2. There are approximately 36 facial muscles controlling facial expressions
  3. A human being has an average number of 43 facial muscles
  4. Facial muscles are not all involved in smiling and frowning 
  5. There are 3 types of muscles in the body. Cardiac (only in heart), smooth (as GIT), and skeletal (as Biceps and Abs)
  6. Blinking one eye requires the contraction of 3 muscles. The orbicularis oculi, the levator palpebrae, and the muller’s muscle which is also known as the superior tarsal muscle
  7. Heart is the hardest working muscle in the human body
  8. Gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in body. It is strong and large as it’s mandated to keep trunk of the body in straight posture.

Human body facts: Bone

  1. Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body
  2. The sternum bone is formed of 3 bones fused together. Manubrium (upper part), body/breastbone (middle part), and xiphoid process (lower part)
  3. The skeleton of an adult consists of 206 distinct bones
  4. If the sternum is considered as 3 parts, the skeleton is defined as 208 different bones
  5. Human beings have a spine formed of 33 vertebrae
  6. The spine is formed of 24 articular vertebrae. 7 cervical (neck), 12 thoracic (thorax), and 5 lumbar (belly region)
  7. There are 9 fused vertebrae in spine, 5 sacral (sacrum) and 4 coccygeal (coccyx). They are present as 2 sets and each set is one part
  8. The last 4 vertebrae of spine, coccygeal vertebrae, are vestigial (have no function)
  9. Walking enhances a peak bone mass

Human body facts: Heart and circulatory system

  1. A normal heart could give 100, 000 beats per day
  2. With each heartbeat, around 71 grams of blood are pumped
  3. During a lifetime, the heart is capable of beating over 3 billion times
  4. The whole distance the blood goes through arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, and veins, is around 96, 000 kilometers

Other interesting facts human body

  1. The eyebrows have no certain known role. However, for sure they give a good facial appearance
  2. Human body is comprised of approximately 10 trillion living cells
  3. A chewing gum can’t be digested by the human body as other foods
  4. The eyeballs consist of 3.5% salt
  5. A cough gets out at a velocity of 100 km/hr
  6. Overusing technology sabotages the mood and self-confidence 
  7. You can’t sneeze whilst your eyes are open
  8. Nose is the air-conditioning system of the body. It does so by optimizing the temperature of the air inhaled
  9. Electrical impulses going through nerves are much faster than the fastest blink of an eye
  10. A normal person breathes 7 quarts (7 quarters of a gallon) of air each minute
  11. You can cease breathing for 3 minutes maximum
  12. Skin is the first defense line against bacterial invasion
  13. Skin is the largest organ of the body
  14. Humans and dogs are the only ones having prostates
  15. In space, astronauts can not cry as tears won’t flow because of zero gravity
  16. The more you know about human body facts, the more you understand how little you know

I hope you liked these facts and found them fruitful and new, at least many of them You can find the first set of facts via this link, part 1. If you got amused and fascinated by this post, consider sharing it